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Wives Online Adult Friends

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Can men and women just be friends?

My age: I'm 50 years old

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For me, the answer is easy.

I want to spend a whole bunch of uninterrupted in-person time with my closest girlfriends. COVID has turned daily life into drudgery.

The days are somehow both busy and boring. Time with girlfriends used to be the salve, but nurturing those relationships virtually now requires a level of intentionality that is easily thwarted by the new demands of pandemic life which keep piling up, particularly for women.

Regular travel meant that even if the intervals were long, there would always be a heart-warming reunion somewhere in the not-too-distant future. A little time apart did nothing to dull my love for friends scattered across the country.

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But functionally, the pandemic has turned all friends into long-distance friends. This is particularly true for those of us in colder climates, where winter has callously eliminated a last bastion of sanity: outdoor in-person gatherings.

Sure, some are lucky enough to have pods that include multiple families, but that never worked well for my group of local friends, a crew with too many young kids with an untenable amount of exposure. There are plenty of ways to South wales NY milf personals in touch virtually, and I engage in some. Plus, does anyone really crave more screen time these days?

I run an organization focused on how families are changing and why we privilege some types to the determent of others, so I think all the time about how quickly these things evolve. In the narrative of happily-ever-afterfriends are at best peripheral.

In this light, our close friendships with other women are a form of radical resistance to a patriarchal system deed to indoctrinate us into believing that our most important roles, are those in service to men and children — as Wife looking hot sex Wagram and mothers.

My own experience in the world with other women, and particularly my bevy of female friends, is that women lift me up, not cut me down.

Some, Ridge MD cheating wives author and scholar Bella DePauloargue that the most ificant relationship in 21st century American life is friendship, and I agree. In an article about people for whom a friend is their ificant other, Rhaina Cohen argues that deep committed friendships can be expansive, inclusive models for what the future of intimacy and care could look like.

I miss my friends. It would be terribly unfair and unwise to expect my male partner and young daughter to fill the enormous void regular contact with my girlfriends provide.

It would be terribly unfair and unwise to expect my male partner and young daughter to fill the enormous void regular contact with my girlfriends provides. Local sluts Covington hope they will, too.

Follow Cognoscenti on Facebook and Twitter. Nicole Rodgers Twitter Cognoscenti contributor Nicole Rodgers is the founder and executive director of Family Story, an organization founded in to address and dismantle family privilege in America, and create cultural and political strategies to advance equity for all types of families.

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