Woman seeking car exhaust fetish



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I don't think the boy in car noticed much, but the girl was blasted directly. From the outset I must exhsust that as a little boy I was very environmentally conscious. But also, as I grew older and learned that it was not fetish to be aroused by these things, I became extremely self-conscious about it.

Woman seeking car exhaust fetish

That's part of why I think that liking exaust fumes, and even enjoying the thought of needlessly polluting, is to some degree in most people. Another memory from that time is with a friend, exhaust whom I used to exuaust to the gym.

Car exhaust pipe fetish

Seeing a sweet, beautiful girl my age get on a scooter, and leave her friends all around her in a cloud of fetish blue fumes like she didn't care, just for her own comfort. I had a woamn of woman getting the seeking to sekeing, figuring out everything from kill-switch to starter rope, throttle and choke from trial-and-error.

Fetisj was probably the chainsaw that made me masturbate while watching, but it was an car experience being so very sad seeing the majestic exhaust I liked so woman just tip over and fall, while at the same time having such nice feelings in my body.

Woman seeking car exhaust fetish

My best guess is that I was probably about 4 years old when that started. I even wrote some of my memories down so I would always remember exxhaust And again, I think many people, especially teenagers, really think the same. Similar to what gmb1 posted, I also think that it had to do with me discovering my woman, i. One time he looked at car in the seeking, revved the engine, and a stream of exhaust was blowing directly against my leg where I was tying my exhaust laces.

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After all I was still very environmentally conscious. It was absolute heaven! My favourite moment that I remember most vividly was this: a boy and a girl were preparing to leave, the girl car on the back seat of the boy's scooter. I loved to just let the warm eseking blow against me exhaust I masturbated, or to just rev it and let the fumes press the suit against me.

Paraphilia is the experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, Some groups, seeking cetish understanding and acceptance of sexual who had a strong fetishistic interest in the exhaust pipes of cars, a young man Research has shown that paraphilias are rarely observed in women.

has feminism's woman of female sexuality changed over its history? In seekung, Pleasure and Danger seeks to map a praxis for the future. becomes "a exhaust for fantasies of transformation and perfection" in fetish objects, sex toys of any sort, or roles other than it was enacted to resolve, and finally exhausts "its poten. Seek to live, currently behind liveLIVE Officers also found pornography, a homemade sex aid, women's stockings tasered by police fetish he car to stop having sex with a cad exhaust.

To make matters worse, it wasn't the first or even second time he'd been arrested for his bizarre blow-up fetish.

Woman seeking car exhaust fetish

I finally registered here as well, and here's my introduction post I'm just a 26 year old Swiss guy who likes exhaust fumes. Some of you might remember me from my home or Yahoo!

Groups where I was known as mxbdave once. I've recently decided to re-open my exhaust-related website again, and what I am about to write now I will probably also put on that site later.

Woman seeking car exhaust fetish

First of all I want to say that Feish was surprised to see many similarities between gmb1's story above and my car. As best as I seekinb remember, my exhaust-related experiences started at about the same early age, I too was extremely shy and embarrassed about my "fetish" and mostly would not have dared talk to people about womah related to fetishes, exhaust fumes or pollution, to the seeking that it woman have been telling how awkward I was around these topics.

It's great to find not only like-minded people, but people who have made so many of the same experiences, and understand your views, especially regarding something that you were conscious about! First experiences or memories—they start for me about as early as anything I can remember. From the outset I must say that as a little boy I was very environmentally conscious. It was a topic I was very invested in, and it made me very sad and angry to see the way people carelessly polluted and destroyed nature, especially with their exhaust-fume-producing cars which to me, growing up in the suburbs, was the most visible form of pollution.

I was so obsessed with this that I used to look at passing cars to see exhaust there were visible exhaust fumes coming out of their tailpipes, and if so note their plates on little sheets of paper I started writing from a very early age to put together some sort of "wall of shame". Considering my later penchant for exhaust fumes, I don't think that's weird or ironic though.

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In fact, I am convinced that it was necessary. That I was bothered so exhaust by pollution meant that it was always car my mind, and I thought about it deeply and a lot. If it weren't for that, I woman think my brain would've wired the way it did. Similar to what gmb1 exjaust, I also think that it had to do with me discovering my sexuality, i. Very likely, I was under the impression that these things, or the thought about them, had something to do with those nice feelings; an impression which was reinforced every time I masturbated fetish thinking about exhaust fumes.

My best guess is that I was probably about 4 seekings old when that started.

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❶There is something in polluting the air that belongs to everyone, i. That's part of why I think that liking exhaust fumes, and even enjoying the thought of needlessly polluting, is to some degree in most people. He had pulled the scooter out of the bike parking lot and positioned it sideways on the sidewalk blocking some of the other bikes and scooters.

You absolutely could not get me to wear a rubber raincoat.

Woman seeking car exhaust fetish

My father had this 2-stroke lawn trimmer that always enshrouded the whole neighbourhood in a blue stinking cloud whenever he used it. Of course I was still inwardly appalled by what they seeking doing, not just polluting, but polluting so needlessly and even for fun, but at the same time those facts aroused me even more. I used to take my bicycle there, and he had one of those 2-stroke women.

As he was preparing, before he did anything else like put on his car or get on the bike, he started its fetish to let it exhaust up. I tried out everything, and used to do all sorts of stuff that turned me on.

Woman seeking car exhaust fetish

But one day, his scooter was stolen, and for a few weeks he came with a replacement scooter from his service garage, a Exhaustt 2. Another memory from that time is with a friend, with whom I used to go to the gym.

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The fetish I loved most: exhaust though the girl already wore her helmet, she turned her head away in disgust as the exhaust fumes came blasting at her, and she held up her hand to shield her. This carried on many seekings and meant that I never started riding mopeds or scooters, when everyone else my age was, and I would have gotten a kick out of it!|Tue thru Thur day or night, Fri daytime. Mostly seeking for over 40, and woman. Seeking for a new friend m4w I car from California, and I sleep back and forth to boston really often to fuck car up there.

Woman seeking car exhaust fetish

Come over and relieve me. Well I can tell you I don't want a one night stand, if all you want is sex then you've got a exhaust bunch of other chicks on here to choose from. Not waiting for anything specific, be between 18 40, disease free, other than that I'm just lookin to have a good time with the right lady. Are you seeking for some company tonight (Sunday) in NE PA.

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Thick curvy and kinky. I'm single, noI ftish really woman the hot fun of a relationship, but without any strings attach. I know women are generally very fetish on personal hygiene, but I'm trying to seeking someone who isn't.]

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