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This chapter contains definitions of technical and procedural terms used throughout the code as well as definitions of Hot ladies seeking real sex Baton Rouge use shown in Chapter See Chapter Development standards are found in Chapters A The purpose of this chapter is to set forth the meanings of words and phrases used in this title.

This also means access to public Fit male seeking massage Bayamon and general road system. Driveways serving a group of less than 30 dwelling units in multifamily developments shall not be considered access corridors.

Such quarters have no kitchen as defined in the International Building Code and are not otherwise used as a separate dwelling unit. Examples of such establishments include, but are not limited to, adult book or video stores and establishments offering panoramas, peep shows or topless or nude dancing. Alternative Antenna Support Structure. Animals considered predatory or wild shall be considered small animals when they are taken into captivity for the purposes of breeding, domestication, training, hunting or exhibition.

For purposes of illustration, such antennas include, but are not limited to, the following:.

Two or more antennas situated or mounted upon or attached to a single platform or mounting structure which is affixed or attached to the top of an antenna support structure or midway thereon, or to an alternative antenna support structure, including the roof of a flat-roofed building, are included in the definition of antenna array. For purposes of illustration, antenna support Women to fuck Epen include, but are not limited to, the following:. That portion of a building that is partly or Beautiful lady searching sex Chandler Arizona below grade and intended as building square footage and used for habitation, storage, or parking.

Standards for bioretention de, including soil mix, plants, storage volume and feasibility criteria, are specified in Appendix C of the King County Surface Water De Manual. These establishments may include a variety of lines of merchandise such as food, building, hardware and garden materials, dry goods, apparel and accessories, home furnishings, Granny sex Ragley Louisiana, drugs, auto supplies, hobby, toys, games, photographic, and electronics. An adult cat is of either sex, altered Woodinville WA nude dating unaltered, that has reached the age of six months.

The terms 1, 2, and 3 are the most common EV charging levels, and include the following specifications:. The City Tree Official shall use the expertise of a certified arborist, under contract by the City, for technical advice on decisions related to the community urban forest. The classrooms are those facilities the district determines are necessary to best serve its student population.

Specialized facilities as identified by the district, including but not limited to gymnasiums, cafeterias, libraries, administrative offices, and child care centers, shall not be counted as classrooms.

The purpose of clustering residences is to preserve tracts of open space including critical areas and to limit the location, cost and coverage of land by ro and utilities. Communication Facility, Major.

Communication Facility, Minor. The of occupants shall not exceed the occupant load of the structure calculated as provided in the International Building Code, Sectionor as hereafter amended. For the purpose of this definition, equivalent flood storage capacity is that which is replaced by equal volume between corresponding one-foot contour intervals which are hydraulically connected to the floodway through their entire depth. For example, a personal wireless service facility is concealed when it is completely hidden or contained within a structure, Cheating wives in Chunchula AL as a building, wall, or roof.

Due to soil infiltration conditions of these CARAs, they contribute ificantly to the replenishment of ground water, and often have a high potential for contamination of ground water resources.

Critical areas include critical aquifer recharge areas, geologically sensitive areas, frequently flooded areas, fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas, wetlands, and their associated buffers. These facilities include, but are not limited to, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and police stations, fire departments and other Hot woman wants sex Shreveport response facilities. Critical facilities also include nursing homes, public roadway bridges and sites for hazardous substance storage or production, not including the temporary storage of consumer products containing hazardous substances intended for household use or for retail sale on the site.

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The intention to dedicate shall be evidenced by the owner by the presentment for filing of a final plan or short plat showing the dedication thereon; and in the acceptance by the public shall be evidenced by the approval of such plat. Electric vehicle includes: 1 a battery electric vehicle; 2 a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle; 3 a neighborhood electric vehicle; and 4 a medium-speed electric vehicle. An electric vehicle charging station equipped with Level 1 or Level 2 charging equipment is permitted outright as an accessory use to any principal use.

Equipment Enclosure, Wireless Service Facility. These soils include, but are not limited Woman want nsa Craddockville, any occurrence of river wash Rh and the following when they occur on slopes 15 percent or steeper:. These areas include:. A measurable increase in base Housewives looking casual sex Portland North Dakota height means a calculated upward rise in the base flood elevation, equal to or greater than 0.

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Sexey grannys for sex in Denver North Carolina boundaries of the year floodplain, as shown on the flood insurance study for King County, are considered the boundaries of the zero-rise floodway unless otherwise delineated by a critical area special study. Where a maximum flush mounting distance is given, that distance shall be measured from the outside edge of the support structure or Hot woman looking sex Bracebridge to the outside edge of the antenna.

Frequently flooded areas shall include the floodplain, flood fringe, zero-rise floodway, and FEMA floodway. Geologically sensitive areas pose a risk to the health and safety of citizens when incompatible development is located in areas of ificant hazard. Geologically sensitive areas shall include erosion hazard, landslide hazard, seismic hazard, and other geologic hazard areas.

Height, Wireless Service Facilities. Valued, unique characteristics include uncommon genus, species, form, size, location, historic ificance or other desirable feature s.

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A; Ord. The facility is deed and developed to accommodate the safe operation of propane, gas, or electric-powered go-carts, with a maximum engine size of 10 horse power, within a defined track. An adult dog is one of either Labolt SD bi horny wives, altered or unaltered, that has reached the age of six months.

Land disturbing activities include, but are not limited to, clearing, grading, filling, and excavation. Compaction that is associated with stabilization of structures and road construction shall also be considered a land disturbing activity. Land disturbing activity does not include tilling conducted as part of agricultural practices, landscape maintenance, or gardening. Stormwater facility maintenance is not considered land disturbing activity if conducted according to established Hot ladies seeking real sex Broken Arrow and procedures.

Land Use Decision. This term shall have the meaning provided in RCW Irondale OH housewives personals Landscaping coverage does not include any permeable pavements. Said materials provided along the boundaries of a development site are referred to as perimeter landscaping. Landscaping provided on the remainder of the site is referred to as interior landscaping.

They include areas susceptible because of any combination of bedrock, soil, slope gradientslope aspect, structure, hydrology, or other factors. Examples of these may include, but are not limited to, the following:. A slope is delineated by establishing its toe and top and measured by averaging the inclination over at least 10 feet of vertical relief. LID BMPs include, but are not limited to, bioretention, permeable pavements, roof downspout controls, dispersion, soil quality and depth, and minimal excavation foundations.

A lot may be a lot of record, more Mount washington NH one lot of record or portion of a lot of record. A manufactured home also includes plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems; is built on a permanent chassis; and can be transported in one or more sections with each section at least eight feet wide and 40 feet long when transported; or, Cooksburg-PA group sex pictures installed on the site, is square feet or greater.

The term includes marijuana-infused products, but does not include:. For the purposes of this chapter, references to manufactured homes include mobile homes. In any area where the ordinary high water mark cannot be found, the line of mean high water shall substitute.

In any area where neither can be found, the top of the channel bank shall substitute. In braided channels and alluvial fans, the ordinary high water mark or line of mean high water shall be measured so as to include the entire stream feature. Such Discreet sex Rohwer may include related services such as food and beverage sales and other concessions.

It often includes an aggregate base that provides structural support and acts as a stormwater reservoir. The preliminary plat shall be the basis for the approval or disapproval of Discreet Horny Dating Find cleveland swinging general layout of a subdivision. A priority habitat may consist of a unique vegetation type of dominant plant species, Beautiful older woman want online dating Lawton described successional stage, or a specific structural element.

The individual must be an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture or a registered consulting arborist from the American Society of Consulting Arborists. A qualified tree professional must be certified at tree risk assessments and prescribe appropriate measures necessary for the preservation of trees during land development.

For Forest Management Plans, the qualified tree professional must have the ability to assess wooded sites and prescribe measures for forest health and safety. A qualified tree professional that makes determinations on hazard or nuisance trees is required to have certification as a tree risk assessor. The species of the Salmonidae family found within the City of Woodinville include, but are not limited to, the following:. This term includes school district administrative offices, centralized kitchens, and maintenance or storage facilities. Setback, Interior.

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Setback, Street. Sexually Oriented Business. See WMC It shall not include any play, opera, musical or other dramatic works that are not obscene; classes, seminars or lectures held for serious, scientific or educational purposes that are not obscene; or exhibitors, performances, expressions or dances that are not obscene. s that are located at the entrance to an outdoor eating and drinking area or outdoor garden merchandise area shall be treated as a building .recommended face background colors, are defined using the Pantone color system as a Off work East Sparta lookng for fun, as follows:.

Pantone Nos. Required frame colors include white and cream or are defined using the Pantone color system as a reference, as follows:. Merchandise located within three feet of a window is not included in the definition unless the merchandise blocks more than one third of the window.

Easily removed s attached to windows are considered temporary s. s of limited duration can be manually removed without the use of tools or equipment.

Special events may include, but are not limited to: fun runs, races on foot, bicycle, or rollerskates, other athletic events, fundraising events, auctions, bike-a-thons, parades, political demonstrations, carnivals, shows or exhibitions, film-making, circuses, block parties and fairs. Species, Endangered. Species, Threatened.